What's happening

Start each day with the chance to wake up your mind, caffeinate, and stretch those muscles. Then, dive into learning from experts in 20-minute Spark Talks on how to upgrade your life. After the talks, fill your tank with healthy food options during lunch in the Community Courtyard and discover lifehacking technologies and local partners.

After the Community Courtyard, start San Francisco’s first hackathon for your life. This is where you’ll create a custom, technology-integrated 30-day action plan outlining how you’ll achieve your Spark Challenges. We’ll pair you up with the area's best mentors, coaches, and wellness experts. And of course you’ll also have the support of your fellow peers.

We know that lifestyle change doesn’t happen in just 2 short days. We are so invested in your attaining your goals that we provide support throughout the 30 days after the event.

What you'll tackle

Learn to sleep more efficiently, lucid dream, switch to a bi-phasic schedule, or even lose that alarm clock.

Your food shouldn't make you feel bad. Learn how to optimize your meals for happiness, focus, and better health.

Get more out of your workouts. Sometimes going to the gym less often is a better decision for your body.

Mindfulness isn't all about meditation. Integrate mindfulness into everything you do to increase focus and reduce stress.

Always have too many emails and a never ending to-do list? Show your schedule who's boss with the science of getting stuff done.