Why It Works

Spark Weekends are built on top of the best
of behavioral science research

The Spark 7 Pillars

1. Learn + Do

First you listen, then you get stuff done. At Spark Weekend you'll get out of your chair and start building you ideal life right away.

2. Minimum Viable Change

Lifestyle change is hard. That’s why we help you find small changes to have the biggest impact. This could be as simple as starting with 1 minute of meditation, or removing one type of food that could be affecting your focus.

3. Group Accountability

Change is easier with friends. We match you with a small group of incredible people who support you and make sure you don’t give up on your Spark Challenges.

4. Financial Incentives

Research shows that money can sometimes be a great motivator. If you successfully reach the goals you set for yourself at Spark Weekend, we give you $30 back. Put more on the line if you really want to make things interesting.

5. Technology Integration

The right technology can be incredibly instrumental in facilitating behavior change. We eagerly put the latest wearables, apps, and devices in your hands.

6. Mindful Progress

We believe in the science of small wins and progress. You'll learn how you can be more successful in the long run by being mindful about making short-term progress on your goals.

7. Timeboxing

When given a time constraint and a mission, there is positive pressure to get things done. We give you 30 days to complete your Spark Challenges.

We Practice Open Growth

Open Innovation

We love to co-create. We work with lifestyle change scientists, hackers, and innovators around the world to invent ways to help people change.

Open Science

We advocate for open science, or sharing research findings publicly. We publish our results and raw data online for anyone to check our math.

Open Distribution

Everyone deserves access to the best of behavioral science. We distribute the innovations we test and validate as widely as possible.